Whether your dog is involved in agility, herding, obedience, dock diving, Schutzhund, tracking, or any of the other dog sports, a full performance assessment will assist in determining the dog’s ability and performance potential in their individual sport.

The basic Performance Assessment includes the following:

  • Gait analysis
  • Force plate analysis with a Uni-cam
  • Static system review of video or actual performance of event if possible
  • Body evaluation
  • Structural assessment
  • Muscle and joint assessment

We will assess the dog for weaknesses and deficits and if any problems are discovered, we will formulate a plan (inclusive of treatments and exercise) to amend the problem and get your dog in its top shape for their activity.  There are times that the dog is not suited for the activity desired and we can discuss other alternatives.

Assessments are conducted at our Colchester facility. Check our Appointment Page for registration availability.

Dynamic gait analysis results


Many of our clients come from the New England area.  However, we also see dogs that come from long distances to see and stay with us!  Check out our map to see the states represented by Wizard of Paws clients!  We even have a dog from Greece right now!  And we always have many dogs coming down from wonderful Canada. Interact with full size view of Wizard of Paws Client Map.