We love to work with the canine athlete. If your dog competes in agility, obedience, flyball, schutzhund, tracking, water work, conformation, or is your favorite running buddy, your dog needs special attention. Your dog needs to be treated like an athlete. Every athlete requires conditioning and cross training beyond their basic level of training.

Jeremy Kezer Canine Sports Photography

For example, an effective conformation dog needs exercise and conditioning to perform at their optimal level. A pretty face and body is one thing, but the dog needs to be conditioned! The conformation dog needs to be an excellent example of the breed and needs to look good, move well and be able to perform the task they were bred to do. Fitness is a must.

Whether your goal is to finish a championship or specialing your dog to one of the top dogs in the country, you are missing a major component if the dog is not involved in a daily fitness program. Athletic dogs need cross training and additional activities to bring them to their optimal level. Individualized programs are developed to meet the needs of your dog.

For the conformation dog preparing for a large show, such as a national specialty, the Eukanuba Invitational, or Westminster, we recommend seeing them two to four weeks prior to the show.

In addition, maintenance programs can be set up anywhere from one to three times per week. We pride ourselves in the care we offer to each and every dog.