Wizard of Paws offers home laser units for alternative or subsequent care outside of the clinic. This Multi Radiance Class I Laser allows owners to relieve pet pain and accelerate the healing process in the convenience of their own home. Acute or chronic conditions causing pain and discomfort to your pet, such as; otitis, osteoarthritis, degenerative diseases, hot spots, skin conditions, joint dysplasia, post-operative healing, and much more can be relieved by laser therapy.

Multi Radiance Medical released FDA clearance for treatment of pain relief due to Fibromyalgia, Debbie wanted to aid people who were suffering to get the help they needed.

We are happy to share that Wizard of Paws is now extending the use of Multi Radiance Class I Laser rentals to human patients who suffer from chronic pain and discomfort.

Multi Radiance Class I Laser units are available for purchase or to be rented on a weekly basis. Contact the Wizard of Paws office for details and more information by phone at (860) 267-9191 or by email at Deb@wizardofpaws.net.

Carmella is receiving My Pet Laser care at home while her owner recovers at home from a surgery.

My Pet Laser is promoting the owner/pet bond, relieving the pain Carmella has, and allowing access to laser from their home.

Mags was attacked by a Coyote and suffered some severe bite wounds.

Mags is fearfully reactive and it is very difficult to take her places for care. My Pet Laser is perfect for this fearful and reactive dog.  Her owner is able to treat the wounds daily without fear of stress, reactivity, or stress.

Teddy Bear The Service Dog Endorses Multi Radiance My Pet Laser… A New Leash On Life

I am a 9.9 year old Golden Retriever who has saved my Mom’s life 6 times.  April 2022 I tore my right CCL and had a resulting lateral meniscus tear. April 2021 I had a serious illness of extreme iCA levels caused by a parathyroid tumor with extensive leeching of Calcium from my bones and the beginning of kidney damage. Parathyroidectomy Surgery was performed July 2021 and I spent 3 days in the ICU. Thankfully the tumor pathology came back benign and my iCA levels quickly diminished and stabilized. I returned to my daily service dog tasks within 3 days. However, the damage to my bone density was lingering undetected resulting in my CCL lateral tear, meniscus tear as well as extensive OA 10 months later.  4 Months of Bi-lateral CCL braces, wheelchair support and extensive conservative management proved no gains. Surgery was the only option now despite daily 6 months use of NSAIDs increased my ALT liver functions. NSAIDS were discontinued immediately. While waiting for the big surgery date I benefitted greatly from the Multi-Radiance My Pet Laser 1.0 providing pain relief and reducing inflammatory responses. Dr Mom gave me 2 treatments a day at levels 2 and 3 on both of my cruciates, hips and tarsus joints producing the greatest benefit,it is a cumulative effect.  The day of 100lb double strand lateral fabellar suture and partail meniscectomy surgery arrived. I pulled through the surgery but had some very serious Post-Op complications.

Again the Multi Radiance My Pet Laser saved my life. Using it at levels 2 & 3 at the surgical site/tarsus/hips, across my liver and bowel, at level 1 & 2 reduced inflammation 2-3 times per day, promoted bone regeneration, surgical wound site healing and pain reduction significantly. 2 week Post-Op Surgical check I was well beyond the Surgical expectations. Due chronic elevated ALT liver functions, MY Pet Laser is the only modality available to me for pain relief, healing and inflammation…far exceeding any Rx that could have been prescribed. My Post-Op Complications are resolved 4 weeks later without prescription drugs. The off loading to all the other joints which resulted in extensive OA greatly improved due to My Pet Laser.  4 week Post Op Rehab Vet check with our Guardian Angel Debbie Toracca,  told me I was way ahead of schedule in healing, stability and muscle development. Woo Hoo.  Due to chronic severe OA and elevated liver functions it is the only modality available to me at present to provide healing, reduce inflammation and pain on a daily basis thereby allowing me to continue my service dog tasks every day and night.  My Pet Laser allows me to carry on actively persisting in the 6 research life studies for over 5 years to help other dogs. PhotoBioModulation is non invasive, very user friendly for animals and their owners, far exceeded our expectations and has given me the ability to continue my life saving tasks for Dr Mom and all the other medically compromised horses, dogs and cats at our farm. Many lives, not just mine, have been saved thanks to the Multi Radiance My Pet Laser.