Whether your dog is competing at Westminster, the AKC or USDAA Agility Nationals, a Flyball tournament, a herding trial, or preparing to jump off the couch to get a treat, we see them! Our canine rehabilitation patients range from dogs that have orthopedic or neurological surgeries, hip and elbow dysplasia, muscular injuries, athletic injuries, degenerative Myelopathy, spinal injuries and disc problems, trouble holding their sit or stand in a dog show, wounds, and cancer.

Download our Veterinarian Referral Form (pdf) to bring to your dog’s veterinarian.

Assessment — each dog is thoroughly assessed with Dr. Debbie Torraca.  The assessment includes a comprehensive history, gait and movement analysis, physical examination and structural assessment.

Treatments — canine rehabilitation treatment based on the assessment findings

Conditioning — preparation for canine athletic activities or show season conditioning

Phone Consultation — great for those who can’t come to Wizard of Paws