Cognitive Canine Dysfunction/Doggy Dementia – are they just ignoring you or is there something else there?

Many owners of older pets often think their pets may be ignoring them when they are called, avoid their presence, or assume they cannot get comfortable due to their age. Well, old age is not a disease. There are many issues that may present as a dog becomes older. Cognitive issues are certainly common in older dogs. While we cannot prevent the aging process, we can certainly assist with the problems associated with cognitive canine dysfunction.

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Head halters

Head Halters – Are They Worth It?

Head halters are often used as a method of assisting with dog walking and controlling a dog while walking.  But if we simply read the name – it is a head halter or the halter for the head.  When the dog pulls ahead during a walk, the HEAD is turned back toward the person walking…

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