Shamrock’s Story

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Shamrock’s Story has brought so much awareness to the effects of cognitive health in senior dogs. Dr. Debbie Torraca, along with many other inspirational successful canine specialists, contributed to the creation of this book. The story of Shamrock is heart wrenching and enlightening for all dog owners. 



There is so much Shamrock’s experiences can teach any Pet Parent and the Insightful Guidance of over 50 Veterinarians, Alzheimer’s Specialists, Researchers and Authors will help anyone understand how important it is to be Aware of this disease from Puppy Age through Senior Year! 

Are you a Dog Lover? A Pet Parent?
Do you know that dogs develop the same diseases as people?
Do you know that dogs get Dementia and Alzheimer’s?
Over 6 MILLION adults have some form of Alzheimer’s; now considered a leading cause of death, and more and more dogs 5 years and older are being affected by this disease every day. 

Most pet parents have no idea their dog can get this disease. Barish-Stern admits that she’s had dogs all her life, and she had no clue, until it attacked her dog’s brain!

But unfortunately, many pet parents don’t know about this disease; the causes, signs and symptoms and when dementia becomes the only answer…it is usually too late!  

Barish Stern, a published author for over 25 years, lived this nightmare with Shamrock, and doesn’t want other dogs and their families to go through this.
She conducted over 50 interviews to learn how this invader could take hold of a dog’s life; beginning sometimes when they are puppies, and then remaining dormant until one day the signs begin! She doesn’t want that to be you, or your dog! Barish-Stern has spent almost two years; asking questions and gathering knowledge from experts, so she can relate the information to Shamrock’s story; and tell it, one pet parent to another.
Shamrock’s story will tear at your heartstrings as you envision the effects each stage can have on your dog. But Don’t Despair! This book will also give you Guidance and Hope and Empower you with the Tools to help your “Baby!”
You will learn why the experts advise, use the POWER OF 3:



 These makes all the difference!”


Shamrock’s experiences and the professionals who shared their knowledge will inspire you to be AWARE of the havoc this disease can cause for your beloved dog and your family!  This book can help you so you won’t be caught off guard if Doggy Dementia finds its way to your dog… you will be prepared!



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