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Assisi Loop

$329.00 $

The Assisi Loop is significantly beneficial to reduce pain, inflammation and promote healing. It is advantageous for osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, pain, and trauma.
Please note – this device is only for patients or virtual patients as prescribed. 


$34.00 $

Avmaquin™ Sulforaphane Producing Supplement provides the necessary ingredients, glucoraphanin and active myrosinase enzyme, to promote sulforaphane production specifically in dogs.

Imuquin® Dog

$24.00 $

Imuquin™ is a unique blend of ingredients that functions to support the immune health of  dogs and cats. These ingredients include beta-glucan, marine lipids, and a mix of vitamins and minerals.

Ligaplex 1

$40.00 $

Ligaplex I, a joint support supplement in a capsule, supports the body’s normal synthesis processes of connective tissue cartilage*

Ligaplex II

$40.00 $

Ligaplex II supports tissue and joints to maintain connective tissue health, especially for long-term support.*

My Pet Laser 2.0

$5,995.00 $

The My Pet Laser 2.0 allows pet owners to relieve pet pain, reduce inflammation, heal wounds and more in the comfort of home, with a safe, easy-to-use, cordless laser therapy device

Shamrock’s Story

$17.99 $

Shamrock’s Story has brought so much awareness to the effects of cognitive health in senior dogs. Dr. Debbie Torraca, along with many other inspirational successful canine specialists, contributed to the creation of this book. The story of Shamrock is heart wrenching and enlightening for all dog owners. 

Welactin 3TA

$39.00 $

Welactin® Advanced 3TA™ Supplement is a concentrated fish oil intended to support your pet’s overall wellness through the benefits of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids ETA, EPA, and DHA.

This product is out of stock and there is a current shortage. Email us for availability.

Welactin Omega 3 Soft Chews

$28.00 $

Welactin® Omega-3 Supplement is a daily supplement for dogs formulated with guaranteed levels of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, DHA, and ETA, plus, beta glucans, multivitamins and minerals.